The Third place, your hair salon and centre of aesthetics in The Prat of Llobregat

“In the life spend time in several parts of this, there is two that they are the most important, your home and your work, leave us be the third place of your life.”
The third place is your space where will help you to find your best image, your best welfare, and where ours main illusion is to listen you, see and lives with us new feelings of your life.

Now I begin this new personal challenge, the third place, space headed to people that dream, as I, in being happy achieve same, looking for the image of welfare and health that all want to.

My experience bases in more than 20 years devoted with illusion and tenacity to this big job, STYLIST.

If in upper case, since for me it is my job, job chosen with the liberty to exert it from the honesty and heart to do it the best that , each day learning of each one of you and you.

By this motive begin my new stage, the third place, space that would like me formed part of your life:

· 1º your house
· 2º your work
· 3º the third place

From here I expect you, leaned by my big squad, full of win to do it well, and with the only illusion, that your, our client, find in this third place, the best for you.
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Hair salon


Aesthetic centre

Rejuvenation Acne Make-up Depilation Sobrepeso Massages Reflexology Anticelulitis Manicure Pedicure Depilation masc. Dietista And much more!

Hair salon for HER

· Cut, wash and dry · total Change of image · Colouring, reflections and fuses · Moldings and permanent · Straightened and straightened definite · Collected · Treatments capilares · Extensions and postizos

Hair salon for HIM

· Court and washed · Colouring · Reflections · Moldings · Straightened · With water descalcificada - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat